Little Eco Fashion Shoppers

One of the things I love about what I do is dressing up my customers, being able to see my work embodied and come alive. Every Saturday from April to October, I sell my work at the Salt Spring Saturday Market.

Some of the sweetest moments I have selling my work are when the kids arrive at my booth and find something they love.

Like this little man who loved the vest from the moment his folks put in on him. It had to be a garment with pockets, and the first vest I offered had only one pocket which was terribly confusing for the other little hand wanting one too!  Once he got the 2 pocketed vest on, he would not take his hands out of his pockets and would not take this Recycled Cashmere vest woff. And, oh my gosh, his tiny converse and pink polo and tiny jeans – so handsome!

This little beauty was travelling from Holland – I couldn’t speak Dutch and she couldn’t speak English so she just smiled when we got it right with the universal spontaneous language of pleasure and happiness.  Off went another Birdie in Cowgirl Boots into the world!

Sometimes at the market we vendors trade with one another – it is a great perk for anyone who makes things by hand for a living. The treasures, handmade quality, and for the unusual unique designs – it is fun fun fun! So here is one of my friend Julie MacKinnon‘s (of whom I was raving about in my last post) daughters sporting part of late season trade. Gorgeous!

And sometimes I am lucky enough to spot one of my pieces in the fray of market goers walking by – or in this case carried by.

These gals had so many cuffs to choose from and loved trying each pair on for size.  Too sweet!  After a time and they settled on their favourite.


Press for Hold Your Ground – Eco Fashion from Salt Spring

A little show and tell: Hold Your Ground’s first Press!  Our lovely local magazine on Salt Spring, Aqua, did a beautiful job!  Thank you to my dear Andrea Palframan for being such a wiz with words and to John Cameron for getting past my tremendous camera shyness.  Hold Your Ground Eco Fashion is radiating out from Salt Spring calling upon those enamoured with fabulous garments rich with integrity without ever dulling the quintessential style.

Here is the link to the pdf which may make it easier to read if you want the read the fine print…   Hold Your Ground in Aqua June 2011



Aqua Article June 2011Aqua Article June 2011Aqua Article June 2011

Kudos to Kate for her White Angora wedding Bolero

In our local bookstore while waiting for my youngest daughter Uma, I found myself engulfed in the splendor and grandness of Kate and Will’s Royal Wedding.  On the magazine rack were several special editions of the event, and though I haven’t remotely been interested in the Royals or their shenanigans (much to my grandmother Mona’s chagrin), I read the special edition cover to cover.

The fashion and the attending guest list was fascinating – who would ever have thought that hats (somehow that word is an understatement of the heads festooned with such extravaganza) could be worn with such abandon for the wearer and viewer.

But what had me jumping up and yelping “YES” like a sport fan jumping for a goal, was the White Angora Bolero Kate wore with her “second” dress.

My yelping came from the delicious accuracy of which Kate chose to wear the White Angora Bolero coupled with the fact that I have been building my Eco Fashion version of White Angora and Cashmere boleros for several years called the Wing Bolero. They have been sold for both Green Weddings and traditional weddings and for any other occasion that needs a unique, versatile stunner of garment.

In 2007, I designed, by fluke and blunder and a little divine inspiration, the Wing Bolero. The design is made from reclaimed Cashmere or Angora sweaters which are reconstructed and transformed into these fabulous boleros.

Wing bolero with Abalone Collar by Hold Your Ground

Each time I build a Wing Bolero, as with any piece in my Eco.couture collection, a reclaimed garment, which has been chosen for the quality of the fabric (always natural fibres!) is placed on my dress form with the desired measurements, and there begins the process of reconstructing the garment.  It is ruthlessly cut up and rebuilt until my version of recycling reusing and re-beautifying emerges!

This process is a meditation of sorts, sometimes I arrive with a clear plan of the final design but most often the garment mocks my certainty and leads down a new direction and I surrender. The result is that no two garments are the same, even within each style.  I add treasures to each piece, unexpected details.  This is the beauty of one garment at a time: the ability to create a truly one of a kind piece, born of whimsy and delight.


Well Kate, in the spirit of fabulous fashion choices, I wish you had known about my White Angora Wing Boleros and requested one.  I would have loved to custom build you one from the finest reclaimed and reconstructed vintage Angora.  It would have been a coup for Green Fashion and a great endorsement of environmentally conscious adornment. Regardless my dear, kudos to a great styling choice  - I am glad we both thought of it.