The Road Forward – Costume Design

At the end of January this year, I was twice blessed – to do the costumes for THE ROAD FORWARD and to work with Marie again. Created and directed by Marie Clements of red diva projects co-produced with Michelle St. John,… THE ROAD FORWARD is a multi-media musical composed by Jennifer Kreisberg, and featuring an award-winning ensemble including Michelle St. John, Cheri Maracle, Jennifer Kreisberg, Wayne Lavallee, Shakti Hayes, Russell Wallace, Mwalim, Ostwelve, Doug Proulx and Maurice Nahanee.

Inspired by the groundbreaking movement of the Native Brotherhood and Sisterhood of British Columbia and dedicated to the countless First Nations women who have disappeared on BC’s Highway of Tears and the Downtown Eastside, this blues/rock musical integrates traditional and contemporary art forms, historical media archives and interactive live performance.”…

I am still reverberating with the impact of the performance and loved being a part of such an awesome group of artists and performers – everybody was so dedicated and gave their whole hearts and souls to this stunning project.














PILGRIMS went off to Cannes – Not Short on Talent Category

In October of last year I had the opportunity to do the costume design on a 10 min short called PILGRIMS.  The job entailed building an unusual costume – make a man into a seal with black shiny electrical tape….This year it was chosen to go to the Cannes Film Festival in the Not Short On Talent category.  Marie Clements is a brilliant writer and director and I was blessed to be asked to be part such a project….

Check out the trailer

Press for Hold Your Ground – Eco Fashion from Salt Spring

A little show and tell: Hold Your Ground’s first Press!  Our lovely local magazine on Salt Spring, Aqua, did a beautiful job!  Thank you to my dear Andrea Palframan for being such a wiz with words and to John Cameron for getting past my tremendous camera shyness.  Hold Your Ground Eco Fashion is radiating out from Salt Spring calling upon those enamoured with fabulous garments rich with integrity without ever dulling the quintessential style.

Here is the link to the pdf which may make it easier to read if you want the read the fine print…   Hold Your Ground in Aqua June 2011



Aqua Article June 2011Aqua Article June 2011Aqua Article June 2011