Hold Your Ground’s BELLA Jumper Handmade with recycled Cashmere & Silk

These are so wonderful, warm, whimsical and soft. Each of these BELLA jumper photographs are from the Hold Your Ground archives. BELLA jumpers are handmade, one at a time….

The infamous Deer shot…

On the day that these photographs were taken, my models didn’t show up. Just me and Gillian the photographer and about 15 deer. It was fall in the orchard near Beddis Beach, the apple were plentiful and the deer seemed almost tame as they meandered around to feast….

Hold Your Ground – Women’s collections early beginnings….

Vintage Reconstructed Silk Dress Recycled Merino & Leather Bustier with Arm Warmers WING Bolero Vintage Recycled Cashmere & Recycled Vintage Silk Dress
These are some of the first pieces I began making for Hold Your Ground. That cobalt dress I kept and still wear! And pictured above is the first Wing Bolero I made which I still love & sparks custom orders regularly…
Model: Christina Antonick.
Rhembein Photography