“the favorite pearl necklace of all time”

Posted on June 20, 2012

My dear friend Andrea wanted to do a guest post so… here she is:

I am so obsessed with Ayla’s pearls. My luscious lariat necklace strung with turquoise and coral has acted like a magnet in my wardrobe, attracting all of these complimentary colours to it: now I have skirts and blouses in pale blues, ivories, and ruby  tones, colours I never used to consider. now everything I have goes beautifully with my long lariat, and inevitably, no matter how much I spiffed myself up that day, it’s the pearls that get the compliments. Not that I mind: I own these and yet I still feel acquisitive about them… I have literally spent months without taking them off, then I’ll have a little ‘pearls fast’ for a few weeks until I just have to put them back on… they have a heft, a music, a sensibility and a grace that is so very much Ayla’s (the maker, and my dear friend) and yet.. over the years…that aesthetic is one I have grown to adore. Please, if you are fingering these pearls and wondering if you should…. you MUST. xoxox Andrea