Ivory Cashmere Wing Bolero for the Noisy Plume

Posted on December 10, 2011

I have a big crush.  On a very fine woman.  She has extraordinary talent, an exceptional life, is a writer, a photographer and an Art Jeweller of the finest kind. The Noisy Plume. And I have been blessed with the introduction to her life and work by the virtue of shared connection and so grateful for it.  This is woman who lives and breathes her life and art so full of authenticity & soulfulness with exceptional quality of being, and the she chooses to share it with us through her photographs, her blog and her jewels. Lucky us.

I could go on and on about this Jillian but I will let you take the journey to her world here and you can see for yourself.

What I will say, so very proudly, is that I made her a Wing Bolero from Recycled Ivory Cashmere and Silk and it fits her beautifully (if I may say so myself!)  AND she put a picture of her in the Bolero on her Blog – check it out.

Did I say I have a big crush?