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Hold Your Ground’s Daily Dish: Features Handmade 18K Gold Lariat

Posted on October 21, 2011

This handmade solid 18K Gold Teardrop Lariat has been admired by many – but here’s the thing (as my love often says): sometimes the “owners” of a new creation come around the same day the item has been completed, scooped at the Salt Spring Saturday Market or at my Studio, and it finds a home just like that. And sometimes the customer takes a little longer.  But when owner and treasure meet, it is clear why the piece hasn’t sold until that moment… it is simply a perfect match.

This piece has been waiting for the right person – their person – to come along.  And she’s taking the long way.

Someone who loves yellow gold, who treasures unique handmade pieces, something they will never find again or see on anyone else.

Someone who likes versatility in their jewels – because this lariat can be worn in several different ways even as a bracelet.

Someone who is feeling flush (because gold prices are no joke right now) or perhaps is in need a special gift from themselves or their significant other.

The Lariat has been made by hand, one teardrop link at a time, hand forged s-clasp with my signature leaf drops. A luxurious experience of making a handmade chain entirely from high karat Recycled gold, from scratch.  Yum.

Hope you love it too!



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