Eco Fashion Cowgirl dreaming into Lisa Sorrell’s custom boots

Posted on June 15, 2011

Anybody who knows me, knows there is hardly a day when I am not wearing my cowboy boots.  They fixed my feet, taking all the pain away which seemed to come all too soon for a gal who hardly wore heels – much….

In the photo shoot for my Eco Fashion version of a woman’s Western shirt: Codi Cowgirl, my favourite pair of Boulet Boots (which I wear almost everyday) are worn by the model.  The Codi Cowgirl Shirt - which is made from reclaimed Vintage and contemporary Western shirts - is one of garments in my reconstructed collection.   This little number has box pleated puff sleeves and a fitted bodice, a perfect feminine version of Cowgirl regalia.  And it is named after my eldest daughter.

Though I love my Boulet Boots, authentic Cowboy boots made in Quebec since 1933, truth be told, I have been coveting the handmade Custom Cowboy Boots by Lisa Sorrell.

They are absolutely the most beautiful boots I have ever seen.  Completely hand made from start to finish, the craft(wo)manship, her designs, her attention to detail and the final result is so fine & so perfect I am in awe.  And I want a pair.  Badly.

So I am saving my pennies and it will take a while because this woman is well aware of her value and good on her!  A pair of her boots starts @ $3500.00.  And so they should.

As women can often undersell ourselves, particularly for our time intensive hand made work and art.  And with the 372 steps taken to make a cowboy boot, all by hand, it is well worth the price, because…

…whether it is a fine pair of custom made cowboy boots, or an entirely hand stitched garment – overseas factories with low cost labour, and machine made products give us as consumers an unrealistic expectation of the final cost of, well – anything.  And those of us who are building the same goods by hand, from scratch, and from the heart, simply cannot compete with Asia’s prices.

The unrealistic costs we have come to expect for goods has affected our local economies. As consumers we can often consider a handmade garment, or pair of boots or piece of jewellery made locally “too expensive”.  Even though the cost of the item reflects the labour, the fine quality materials and skillfulness the artist/designer/craftperson requires to live in North America.

But ode our customers – those who value our time, effort, original design, hand crafted element, personalized shopping experience and custom made options.  They know the quality and care that has gone into making something just for them and are willing to invest for their hearts desire or a needed purchase.

So YES for beautifully, time honoured skill and design. YES to slow, hand made, soulful fabrication, thoughtful design and willful artistic expression. I believe those of us who make it their life’s work to create things full of heart and soul are valuable and necessary to creating authentic beauty with a gentle footprint on the Earth.

What do you think?

Lisa, when my boot fund is full to the brim, I am coming to see you in Guthrie Oklahoma to get my feet fitted!  And maybe I could interest you in a Custom made reconstructed Cowgirl shirt, made to measure from a gal on the West Coast who thinks you’re great.


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  1. Paige SORRELL June 27, 2011 at 12:20 pm

    Hi! This is Lisa’s daughter, Paige. When she saw this she was so excited! We both want one of your shirts, and your blog is simply great! It meant so much to her to see that someone she hasn’t even met knows about her and her craft. You totally made her day. She’s posting this article on her Facebook fanpage. If you ever want to get in touch, you can send her a message on Facebook and get her phone number. Placing a boot order is a lot simpler than you would think.. ;)

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